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Bartlett Construction LLC has been in business since 1988 and primarily operates on Long Beach Island, in NJ. On LBI, "Bartlett Built" is a common phrase with generations of laborers in the Bartlett family known for their meticulous workmanship and customer satisfaction. You may know of some of the other Bartlett family businesses’; Edward Bartlett & Son's Remodeling, Eagles Nest Airport, Nautical Solutions, and Bartlett Block Plant. The article to the left shows how the Bartletts have been offering quality services for centuries, starting with the Bartlett Farm in the 1700s.

“Our customers are our family. We've had some of our returning customers for so long that, they've seen my children as babies. Then they watched them grow into adults and have their own babies", says owner, Jim Bartlett. He continued, “even some clients that I built homes for before Bartlett Construction began, when I was still a laborer for another contractor, moved with me to Bartlett Construction and still call us for kitchen remodels, maintenance, winterizations, seasonal maintenance, BBQs, and even boat rides on the Barnegat Bay”!

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